Legal Counseling and Contract Drafting

While Mr. Reeder represents individuals and businesses in litigation, he much prefers to help his clients try to avoid the courthouse. He does this by counseling individuals and businesses when legal issues are first arising. He reviews your contracts or writes them for you making an effort to make sure you first understand what you are getting yourself into, attempting to anticipate what things could go wrong, and provide an enforceable resolution to such problems. Mr. Reeder counsels his clients so they know their rights and their duties. Typical areas for consultations include new business start-ups including the picking of a proper business entity, consumer and business contracts, leases, purchases, employment agreements and terminations. If a dispute has already arisen, Mr. Reeder can also help with evaluation of the merits of the dispute and pre-litigation settlement negotiations.

If you are a small-to-medium-sized business, you face legal issues like these frequently, but you may not do so often enough to hire an in-house attorney. Many small-to-medium-sized businesses have utilized Mr. Reeder as their on-call legal consultant to address their issues whether they are just forming their business entity, contemplating entering into complicated contractual relationships, dealing with employee relationships, drafting forms to be used with their customers, collecting debts, evaluating the legal and economic merits of litigation, or buying or selling their business. Mr. Reeder and his over 25 years of business related legal experience will be a valuable asset to your business and you only pay for the legal services when you need them.